Are you an impact investor or a change agent ?

What’s possible if we think of impact investing as an expression of leadership?

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Brightfire helps direct impact investors define, grow and honor their impact by elevating their leadership and influence.


A leadership coaching program specifically for direct impact investors that helps you…


Develop clarity and strategy

Generate unique insights about the change you seek, create a compelling vision of a fulfilling impact investing approach, and build an actionable strategic plan.


Grow impact through leadership

Become a visible leader and expert to attract deal flow, execute deals in a way that includes and transcends business analysis, enroll and influence others in systemic transformation, and collaborate with portfolio company teams and other stakeholders to grow impact.


Have more fun and fulfillment

Amplify your unique strengths, eliminate self-created hurdles, and invest in a way that creates wellbeing for both yourself and the world.

Who are you?

You've been successful in business or have the resources to make a difference.

You realize that you have a choice about how your investments impact the world.

You're looking for a way to not only align your investing with your values but to create value and wellbeing through direct investments into companies or projects.

You may be just starting your impact investing journey and developing your strategy, or well on your way and looking to expand your impact influence.


There will come a time when all investing is conscious of impact.

We don't know if it's 10 years, 20 years or 100 years from now, but at some point, humanity will no longer be creating organizations solely for the purpose of making money.

Individual direct impact investors  are vital to making that happen.

They are a critical component of the impact investing ecosystem that can fuel early stage endeavors and catalyze new fields of opportunity.

Cultivating this will require systemic transformation.

It will require more than just doing good deals. It will require transforming systems around specific social enterprises, specific investment themes, specific places and the impact investing ecosystem itself.

Systemic transformation will require emergent leadership.

While impact investing is often framed with either a philanthropic or traditional investing perspective, successfully transforming systems will require leadership in amorphous systems where there is no formal hierarchy and many stakeholders.


The field of impact investing is still emerging. Nobody has it all figured out yet.

Understanding and learning about what others are doing is necessary, but not sufficient.

Success will require emergent insights, behaviors and mental models that leadership coaching creates.




My story

Hello, I’m Derek Hansen, founder of Brightfire Impact. I work at the nexus of money, meaning and leadership and have gone through two life transformations that have brought me here. After working in investment banking and private equity, I eventually realized that the reason I wanted to make a lot of money was to be free to do what I wanted – but I had no idea what I would actually want to do or build if I were free. My journey to actual freedom, choice and agency led me to fall in love with human potential and leadership development.

As an executive coach and leadership development consultant, I have worked with individuals and companies in many industries, with many different goals and purposes. I love that work. And I have found myself asking, "What is this leadership ultimately for? What would it look like to focus on helping people who are explicitly committed to creating positive impact?" Those inquiries led me to create this work.


Leadership Development

  • Independent executive coaching and organizational change practice.
  • Leadership development, change leadership, culture change, organizational purpose and team effectiveness interventions in Fortune 500 companies with Bridge Partnership.


  • Complex private company deal analysis, structuring and negotiation in technology mergers & acquisitions with Broadview International (acquired by Jeffries)...
  • ...and as a private equity and subordinated debt investor in multiple industries with American Capital.


  • Wharton undergrad, summa cum laude.
  • Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Coach Training and Leadership programs.

What's possible for you?


Contact us to schedule a complimentary, no-pressure, one-hour strategy consultation.

During our conversation you will:

  • Imagine a compelling vision of what your biggest impact investing endeavor looks like.
  • Discover the biggest challenges to making that vision a reality.
  • Identify the critical actions that will move you forward.
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